Key Projects, Programmes and activities

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Provision of relief materials to the affected victims of various disasters across the state.


Proposed development of State wise Hazard Profiling and Mapping


Review of State Contingency Plan Document


Review of SEMA existing Laws


Creating of a new Directorate ie. HSE


Establishment of Disaster Risk Reduction clubs in Secondary schools to catch them Young


Aggressive Sensitization Campaign against impending floods and other disasters that could occur based on the Early Warning System put in place.


Regular coordination meeting with Stakeholders.


Community Engagements


Increasing its Revenue Base by stepping up inspection of business premises


Disasters in Kaduna State

Disasters, both natural and human-induced have been increasing in frequency of occurrence, magnitude and impact on society within the last few years.

Destructive rainstorms, floods, fire outbreaks, religious and communal conflicts have had very adverse effects on the society and the frequencies of these disasters are on the increase in recent times. Most of the destructions and economic loss and deaths resulting from these disasters with serious devastating effect could have been reduced to the barest minimum or avoided in entirety if the people were aware and more prepared. This is where emergency preparedness and response planning comes in.

The vulnerability of Kaduna to natural hazards is a function of several factors including, the level of poverty; population growth and distribution; effect of the rally point of every northerner; condition of human settlements and their infrastructure; the level of environmental degradation and above all, the level of public awareness on how to avoid or deal with them.

Kaduna State like most States in Nigeria has its own share of natural and human-induced disasters in recent time. Update of the State Emergency profile shows emerging issues like communal clashes and terrorism in addition to the salient and historical ones of flooding, political and religious crises.

The major disasters in Kaduna State over the years are: floods, social upheavals e.g. religious, ethnic and political crisis, windstorm/rainstorms, fire outbreak, industrial pollution and disease epidemic (cholera, CSM, measles, HIV/AIDS). These form the bulk of emergency situations experienced in the State over the years with their attendant consequences on human lives and property. The case of floods which caused State wide destruction the year (2015) is still fresh in the minds of people. Social upheavals in form of religious, ethnic and political are becoming recurring decimal.

These emergency scenarios vary from location to location and none really cover the entire State. Moreover, their frequencies are depended upon several factors e.g. political crisis is more pronounced during electioneering period. The State Capital (Kaduna) and its environs is usually the worst hit.

The State Government, Local Government and communities have been making concerted effort towards preventing these emergencies where possible and also to reduce its impact on the society.


Risk Control and Prevention


Detection, Mitigation and Prevention

Energy Risks

Power Line Hazards Management


Forecast and Information Dissemination


Construction Monitoring and Assessment


Enlightenment of Pedestrians and Cyclist


Emergency Medical Response


Keeping Kaduna State Community Abreast

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Join & Grow Together Kaduna State

Promotion of safety amongst individuals, group of individuals and ensure vulnerable communities develop resilience to cope with hazards and disasters.

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